Welcome to Racecourse Plantations

Welcome to our website showcasing the new proposals Racecourse Plantations, which includes Racecourse, Belmore and Brown's Plantations. Planning consent for the proposed development has now been granted.

Our proposals include:

  • A new 150-acre Community Woodland Park, which would be gifted to a publicly owned community body and funded by service charges on the new private homes.
  • Up to 300 new homes, including affordable housing, designed to the highest quality to reflect the unique woodland setting.
  • Development restricted to an area of ecologically poor land in Racecourse Plantation, with no new homes south of Plumstead Road.
  • An Ecological Enhancement Strategy to support new habitat creation, restoration and management as part of the new Community Woodland Park.
  • Improvements to local pedestrian and cycling links, including the Trod footpath.