Socially Conscious Capital

About SCC

At Socially Conscious Capital (SCC), we care about our responsibilities. We're a strategic land development company. We, the owner-managers, have backgrounds in property development, architecture, local government and town planning.

Our approach to development is different. Rather than buy land for speculative, short-term, “identikit” developments, we want our work – and reputation - to last. We'll invest our own time and money in managing, promoting and planning a development.

For us, the best developments are those which work with existing communities and fulfil the needs of landowners, planners and residents alike. We pick the sites we work on and the partners to work with very carefully and create attractive, bespoke places to live.

The end result is the right development in the right location: a place people will be proud to live in for hundreds of years. For us, this means adhering to three key principles:

  • Beauty. A sense of place. Bespoke and contextual design. High quality materials.
  • Responsibility. Listening to local residents. Awareness of the sensitivities of the site and its environs. Becoming part of the surrounding community.
  • Legacy. Places to live, and work, and enjoy for hundreds of years. Sustainable across generations. Loved.
Taylor Architecture & Urbanism

About Taylor Architecture and Urbanism

Taylor Architecture and Urbanism is a practice that is rooted in the principles of traditional and sustainable place-making. In marked contrast to ubiquitous residential estates where standardised houses are laid out around car-oriented roads, our concern is with local distinctiveness and features of the natural landscape; places that are shaped by social interactions, climate and pedestrian comfort.

As principal of the practice, Ed Taylor, a chartered architect and urban designer, brings a wealth of experience from pioneering planning and development projects across the UK. For ten years Ed was a senior urban designer and project leader for The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, including tenure as their Representative at Poundbury. Community engagement has been central in the drawing up of plans for each locality. The model of the practice is one of collaboration, including with other leading practitioners, artists and specialists.