Andrew Simpson, the planning consultant leading the project, spoke with Mustard TV in MONTH to discuss the new proposals for Racecourse Plantations and background to the project.

The plans below show how the plans have changed since the initial proposals for the site in 2011.

The number of homes proposed had been reduced from 800 to 300, with no development south of Plumstead Road and the development area being reduced by over 75%.


  • Around 42 ha of proposed development
  • 800 new homes
  • Development in both Belmore and Brown’s Plantation


  • Around 19 ha of proposed development
  • 400 new homes
  • Development in Belmore Plantation and limited development in Brown’s Plantation


  • Around 10 ha of proposed development
  • No more than 300 new homes
  • No development in Belmore or Brown’s Plantation